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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

God's Love

"I like to think of motherhood as a chance for me to understand a little more about how God feels about me.  ...So when I think about the way that I love my children, and then I pull it back to think, 'That's how God loves me,' and I just think, 'Wow!' What a privilege,' number 1 to have a father who loves me this much and second, that He gave me the opportunity to feel this kind of love. It's amazing and it's something that I am grateful for every single day." --Lisa Anderson

Show Recap

In this episode, I interview Lisa Anderson, a wife and mom to four who loves encouraging other mothers on Instagram.

We discuss what "positive parenting" looks like for her, and especially, how she has made her home an environment that encourages good choices, building relationships, and giving mutual respect. We also talk about the experiences Lisa's family has had with moving and helping children overcome challenges.

Lisa gives great insight into her own struggles with contentment in motherhood and feeling motherhood wasn't "enough" for her.  Lisa shares about a simple list that helped her develop herself and also feel fulfilled in different seasons of motherhood.

Since Lisa uses her Instagram account, @thrivingmotherhood,to connect with, help and encourage other moms, I was excited to dive into how moms can use social media for good and to receive help in motherhood. Lisa gives an easy way you can know if you should keep following someone on social media.  

We talk about the "mental game" and how thoughts dictate everything in motherhood. Lisa shares some great resources if you're stuck in negative thought patterns.

My favorite part of interviewing Lisa was when she said, "I've been entrusted by God to help them become the humans they're supposed to become and it's amazing."  Lisa has an optimistic spirit that will lift you and help you want to be a better mother. 

Show Notes

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Learn more about Jody Moore

We talked quite a bit about Jody Moore and the principles she teaches. The model we mentioned is CTFAR: circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, results. To find out more about what Jody, listen to her podcast, Better Than Happy, follow her on Instagram at @jodymoorecoachingor visit her website.

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