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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Nov 14, 2018

If you've ever wanted to go deeper in your relationship with God, today's episode is for you. In this episode of The Spiritually Minded Mom Podcast, I interview Brooke Snow. Brooke teaches others how to apply spirituality to everyday life. Personally, Brooke views daily repentance and meditation as ways to know God more fully.  I have followed Brooke for several years and recently read her new book Living in Your True Identity (which I HIGHLY recommend). She has helped me so much, and I am excited to share this interview with you.

Like most mothers, Brooke has struggled in the past with comparison in motherhood. She gives some practical things she has done to combat those feelings.

Brooke talks a lot about "self-care," how her view on it has recently changed, and what it means for her.  She said, "Self care is being nurturing to you, and loving to you, and in a way that helps you to develop into who the Lord created you to be." She gives advice and shares some meaningful analogies to help you visualize how daily self-care is the best way to sustain constant growth. 

Next, Brooke shares some questions she brings to the Lord every single day while praying. These questions help her repent and  know what the next step the Lord wants her to take is.  She shares how asking for the next "step" rather than the whole picture has helped her progress and feel the Lord's guidance.

Finally, she concludes by sharing how she has seen God as her partner in motherhood and how she has come to know him on a deeper level through prayer.

Show Notes

Brooke mentioned her online class about prayer and meditation called Christian Meditation. You can go hereto learn more.

She also has a new class that is free called How the Law of Attraction Fits in the Gospel. Go here to register for this class.

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