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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month. I wanted to help shed some light on this huge problem by interviewing a mom who is fighting human trafficking and give you ways to help too.

Listen to hear my interview with Cammy Bowker, a wife, mom, teacher and cancer survivor who heard God tell her she needed to something with the second chance she had been given.

During a beach vacation in Mexico she won on the Price is Right (seriously!), Cammy wrote down thoughts and impressions about how she could make a difference in the world.

She noticed children on the beach selling gum. She felt a prompting to help these children and others like them around the world.

Since she was a teacher, Cammy started with building schools and providing education in under developed areas in the world. Those efforts quickly morphed into Cammy being on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking both at home and abroad.

Cammy shares the statistics and issues associated with trafficking. She is a huge proponent of prevention and gives practical ways parents can help protect their children.

She also talks about how she acted immediately on the prompting she felt to do something. Cammy's story gives a great pattern for anyone who feels called to make a difference in any way. As Cammy said, "Just start."

Below you will find a variety of ways you can help the organization Cammy founded, Global Education Philanthropists, in their mission to educate and fight human trafficking.

Cammy's faith was inspiring to me. Her story illustrates well that you don't need to know how everything will turn out. You just have to follow the promptings you receive one at a time and watch the miracles unfold.

Show Notes

Help fight human trafficking:

Join the 20 in 20 Campaign - Donate $20 in 2020 or contribute $3.99 a month to help Global EP fight human trafficking.

Travel with Global EP and volunteer to teach self-reliance skills at after-care centers around the world.

Get more information about The Cleaner Net filter to protect your family. A portion of The Cleaner Net's sales help support Global EP's efforts.

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