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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Listen to hear my interview with Beth Given. Beth is a wife and mom to four who believes that small and simple things bring great things in the end. In the interview we talk about feeling inadequate, why achieving goals doesn't determine your worth and how to change your perspective on temple attendance.

If you are feeling stuck in the early days of motherhood, Beth will give you hope that the feelings of inadequacy subside and you will find your own style of mothering.

Beth shares her philosophy on goal setting and how she learned to not let her self-worth be tied up in how well she accomplished the goals she set out to do.

She also talks about how reframing her goal to attend the temple changed the experiences she had while inside and how it has rubbed off on her children.

Through all of her experiences, Beth has learned that doing the little things makes a difference. She knows she is a daughter of Heavenly Parents who love her and has a strong testimony of the help she receives from them.

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