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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

Hear how podcaster and mom, Jaime Wilkins, learned to use Christ’s example to be an advocate for her daughter after she was diagnosed with autism.

Episode Summary

In episode 82, Jaime Wilkins shares how she discovered at a young age that her life’s mission would be to help people.

She talks about the details of how her daughter was diagnosed with Autism. Jaime shares an experience she had with the school district where she said no to what experts were telling her was best for her daughter. She followed the Spirit and through personal revelation knew what was best for her child.

Jaime discusses how she hired an advocate to help her in the process of getting the best outcome for her daughter. She shares how she learned the importance of being the expert, advocate and voice for her child.

You will also hear Jaime’s tips on what you can do when you feel the need to advocate for your child. Jaime said that she relied on prayer, following the Spirit, finding resources and information, documenting and asking others for help.

Jaime and I also discuss the things this experience taught her about how Christ is our advocate with the Father. She shares a scripture found in D&C 45:3-5 and how these words helped her understand more fully the Savior’s role as an advocate.

We also discuss what Jaime has learned about labeling her children. She shares how her daughter receiving the label of “autism” has helped her get resources but she also knows her child is much more than that label. She makes the connection that if you want to be an advocate for your child you have to look beyond the label. You can look to our Heavenly Father who never labels His children.

In the end, Jaime shares how her heavenly parents have been the ultimate example of showing an increase of love to her children.

Jaime’s Quotes

  • “We’re entitled to revelation for her and what’s best for her.”
  • And, I think even as women there is the kind of like people pleasing and I wanted to be easy and accommodating and yeah, go with the flow. But this was not right.
  • “So yeah, just giving her a voice is so important because kids don’t get a voice at the table in the classroom at the planning meetings…. And so giving that kid a voice, is so important.”
  • “And so what this means in this instance is that he is our Savior. The advocate means the same thing as our Savior. He is saying to Heavenly Father, look, I have suffered the atonement for these people. For Darla, for Jamie, for the Spiritually Minded Mom listener and please allow them back into our presence because I have suffered the atonement.”
  • “She is who she is regardless of any label put upon her.”

Episode Links

Doctrine and Covenants 45:3-5

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