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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

May 13, 2020

My guest for episode 92 is Laura Roberts, a mom who shares how she has learned to connect with her kids by being her authentic self and true to who she is. In the interview, Laura talks about how she has found purpose in the struggles she has faced, including losing a sister to cancer. She addresses how asking questions about why she is doing something in motherhood helps her get to the deeper why. Ultimately, Laura shares how she looks to Heavenly Father as the ultimate example of how to parent.

Episode Links + Quotes

“Joy is the most vulnerable emotion we experience.” – Brene Brown

“I just think that there is purpose in our struggle. Going back to the butterfly analogy, … when a butterfly’s in a cocoon, it like literally liquefies itself. Everything that it used to be disintegrates…. It falls apart and it’s for a purpose. It’s so that it can become something even better than it was before. And I think when I look back on going through my sister’s death and all the things that happened afterwards, any other challenges that I have faced, when I choose to see them as an opportunity to become something new and to grow, that it is a process of becoming. I find treasures there that the Lord has helped me to discover and to make my own.” –Episode quote from Laura Roberts

“Do I want her [daughter] to be someone who chooses the right, or do I want her to be someone who chooses what I want for her right now?”–Episode quote from Laura Roberts

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