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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

May 20, 2020

If you listened to episode 91, you might remember Gabrielle Nedzi. On that episode, she shared a small part of her story of leaving her husband and daughter to come to the U.S. from Venezuela as an asylee. Gabrielle’s faith touched me so much. I reached out to her and asked her to come on the podcast for a full interview.

In episode 93, you will hear more of Gabrielle’s story including her conversion to the gospel, meeting her husband and making the difficult decision to immigrate. Gabrielle shares how she keeps her faith being far away from her family and the miracles she has seen in her life. She also discusses how she continues to count her blessings and express gratitude. Over and over, Gabrielle declares her trust in God no matter what.

Episode Links + Quotes

“…they were the same principles and values that my parents taught, but now with a foundation in the scriptures.”

“I clean my tears and keep moving.”

“Every single person has their own story, and I’m thankful for mine.”

“If it’s going to turn out good, thank you. If it’s not turning out, that’s good, thank you too because it’s always learning, always learning from the good and bad. And we need the bad too, to learn and not make the same mistake.”

Hymn 241 – Count Your Blessings

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