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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

May 27, 2020

Listen to hear how Megan Hillyer, mom to seven, learned to drop expectations in motherhood after her husband’s unexpected health issues. She shares how she knew God was aware of her even when her life wasn’t what she planned. Megan also discusses dropping expectations in family history work and shares an easy place to get started, even if you’re a busy mom.

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“But I think trusting that Heavenly Father is aware of me and having different instances in my life where I’ve seen that and I know that he’s aware of me in that life is okay, that we are still happy even though our life is not perfect or what we had planned out in our head when we first got married.”

“I was kind of forced into having patience. My oldest daughter was born and then when she was two, I had twin boys. And I quickly learned that my expectations of how things were going to go, how my kids were going to behave, how our house was going to look was not going to happen.”

“That’s the point, to get to know our ancestors because when we do that, we can feel connected to them and they can help us in our lives now. And when we do their work, when we do their ordinances and work and we give them the power of the priesthood, they can better help us.” 

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