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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Episode 84 is a solo episode with an announcement, thoughts about President Nelson’s invitation to ponder how you hear Jesus and a resource to help you act on the invitation.

Announcement: Be Part of a Listener Call-in Show

At the beginning of this episode I shared that I am doing another listener call-in show. I’m inviting YOU to call in and share your response to the question: How have you been blessed by following any of the invitations extended by President Nelson since the last general conference?

You can listen to the episode for more details but here are the steps to follow to leave your response to be included on an upcoming episode:

  1. Call ‪(480) 525-7145‬. Call anytime. It doesn’t ring to my phone so you won’t be waking me up or anything.
  2. Leave a message sharing the blessings you have received from following President Nelson’s invitations at the last general conference.
  3. Keep your answer to less than 3 minutes.
  4. Call and record your answer by Friday, March 27, 2020.

President Nelson’s Invitation

This episode is my way of giving you a resource to help you act on the invitation from President Nelson to “…think deeply and often about this key question: How do you hear Him?”

A Resource To Help You Understand How You Hear Jesus

As part of this episode, I’m re-aring episode 44, which was the third part of a five part series I aired last year about how to be more spiritually minded.

All of the episodes in the series are a great resource to help you think about how you #HearHim but the third part, which I am re-airing here, shares an exercise you can do to help you understand how you feel the spirit and hear the Savior in your life.

The resource found in a free printable is adapted from an exercise I found in the Preach My Gospel manual for missionaries.

The printable includes 28 different ways you might feel the spirit. Each way has scriptures you can look up. After reading the scriptures, you can ponder and write how you have felt God guiding you in this way.

It’s OK if you leave some of the boxes blank. You are an individual and God communicates with you in your own unique way. You may not feel God in all 28 ways listed and that is totally OK. 

In the episode, I share some of my experiences and how I have learned to use God as a guide in my life.

I also share experiences of two previous podcast guests. You’ll hear a short clip of episode 10 with Ally Hayward and another clip of episode 14 with Michelle Garfield.

I hope the exercise on the printable and hearing other people’s experiences will give you hope and help you realize you can figure out for yourself how you hear Jesus in your life.

Episode Links

Download the free printable HERE.

President Nelson’s talk Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives

President Nelson’s invitation to “Hear Him!

Alma 7:7-8

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