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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Dec 2, 2020

Can you be guided to know what your purpose is and what your personal journey on the covenant path should look like?


Listen to hear how you can shift your thinking to see your flexible, less-defined path as a Latter-day Saint women as evidence your Heavenly Parents have confidence in you.

Most of this episode is devoted to talking about Mary, the mother of Jesus. I discuss why you are also “highly favored” like Mary. You’ll also hear what Mary’s example teaches you about how to ask faith-filled questions and trust God will help you know what your divine mission is and how to fulfill it.


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I want you to do more than just listen. I want things you are hearing to turn into things you are DOING in your life. That’s why I am offering a devotional for each episode of the podcast this season. Each downloadable devotional includes a scripture story to READ, questions to PONDER along with space to journal and then something simple to help you ACT on what you are hearing on the podcast. Go HERE to get immediate access to all 10 devotionals.