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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Jul 28, 2021

Natalie Reeve gained a testimony of the gospel at a young age but also experienced a time in her life that left her feeling shattered by abuse, lack of trust and an eating disorder. Natalie describes this period of her life as falling into a hole very quickly and climbing out very slowly.


In the interview you will hear how Natalie relied on the Spirit to rebuild her life by turning to God to not only feel His love but also to see the divine nature within herself. 


She shares the miracle she saw in her life of God helping her to recover and forgive. Natalie also discusses how God strengthened her through her covenants, which she realized were still in tact even though her first marriage ended. 


Natalie shares her witness that no matter how difficult the trials you face are, all things will work together for your good if you love God and put Him first.


Journal Questions

Many guests this season have shared how asking God how He feels about them has helped them feel His love. If you haven’t asked God how He feels about you lately, ask Him and then record the answers you feel in the coming weeks and months.


Natalie shared how she asked Heavenly Father how He felt about her but then she took it one step further by using daily meditation and looking at herself in the mirror to see for herself what God sees in her.  Who is this person that Heavenly Father sees? Try doing what Natalie did. Look in the mirror. Look at yourself in the eye. Don’t judge yourself and allow negativity to creep in. See the beauty that is not tangible. See yourself as your Heavenly Parents see you. 


Natalie shared a scripture found in Romans 8:28: “…all things work together for good to them that love God…” What does loving God mean to you? How have you seen Him take the messes in your life and make them into beautiful things? Record your thoughts in your journal.


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