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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Feb 16, 2022

Melissa Bunkers realized her dream and goal of becoming a nurse practitioner and then felt God pointing her in a new direction with functional medicine. In this interview, Melissa discusses the ways she felt the Savior guide her by putting the right people in her path and helping her recognize new opportunities. She shares how her own struggles helped her to grow and be prepared for a new journey that gave her a way to help others.


Journal Questions

What signs from God are you receiving that are letting you know the direction He wants you to go? Take some time to be still and ponder and then write the impressions you receive.

How have the hard things you have experienced in the past helped you to grow? How has Christ been beside you through challenges?  How can you use your own struggles to help someone else? Journal your answers.

Melissa shared how journaling helped her get through the challenges she faced while trying to change her direction to the way she knew God wanted her to go. One of the things Melissa did was write out the words that described the negative feelings such as anxiety, fear, and doubt, and then replacing them by writing the opposite words like courage, strength and trust. What words describe the feelings inside of you that are holding you back? Write them out and then replace those words with positive words that inspire you to continue on your path.


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