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Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

When I first started planning episodes for this season, I knew there had to be one on repentance because sin is something every one of us will experience on our journey on the covenant path. You can’t move forward without repentance.

Listen to hear the relationship between repentance and change. I share how I...

Nov 18, 2020

Comparison probably comes so naturally to you in your journey on the covenant path, that it almost feels instinctive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What can you do to overcome comparison?

In episode 7, I’m giving you three thoughts to avoid comparison that come from King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon.


Nov 11, 2020

Let’s imagine you and I are going to lunch together. We pick a delicious restaurant, sit down and order our food. Before our food even arrives, I start telling you about my life. I tell you my problems and the things I’m worried about. I throw in some of the things that I’m feeling grateful for into the...

Nov 4, 2020

In your journey on the covenant path, you’re probably going to experience fear, doubt, lack of hope and uncertainty you’re going the right way. But at the same time, it is also possible to gain confidence and keep moving forward.

In the episode you’ll hear how repentance, remembering, using the Holy Ghost, having...